Buying with the help of Georgie

Need a new car but can't face haggling at the dealerships? Georgie is here to help take the stress out of car buying.

We understand buying a car is a big investment, which can quickly become stressful and overwhelming. That’s where Georgie can help. Our parent company buys thousands of cars each year, so we can source a great deal for you.

How can we help? Let’s break this down...

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No agenda

We don’t have a brand bias. It’s all about you!

Georgie is part of the Eclipx Group family. Our parent company is one of Australia's largest fleet leasing, fleet management and diversified financial services companies, which means we’re not tied to one particular brand or manufacturer. We get to know you, how you use your car and your lifestyle requirements. For example, do you need a car that fits two capsules in the back and one very tall driver up front? What about something sporty-yet-affordable?

We provide vehicle options that match your lifestyle.

We've got boot-loads of experience

Our team has test driven and ‘kicked the tyres’ of every car reviewed on our website, so they can talk you through those hidden features that might become a real nuisance once the car honeymoon is over. Maybe your dream car has doors that are just a little bit too big for your garage, or you can't quite see over the bonnet.

It might be less exciting, but getting the practical stuff right can be the difference between a regretted fling, or a happy, long term relationship with your car.

How it works

How Georgie works

Rather than wasting time hopping from dealership to dealership, Georgie offers the convenience of doing the ‘leg work’ for you.

Contact us online or by phone, to chat with one of our Car Buying Specialists. They can discuss vehicle options and source great deals on cars that match your lifestyle.

Not sure which car is right for you? No problem, we can help with that too. Our site has professional and customer car reviews, as well as helpful articles for you to read. You can also search by lifestyle needs, to find cars which might suit.

You could save with Georgie

Thanks to the bulk buying power of our parent company, our experienced team, and the fact that we don't have any bricks and mortar stores to pay for - we could save you some serious money on a new car.

Just think, the money you save could be put towards a holiday or vehicle extras like a sports package or fancy seats - things that can make a big difference to the long term enjoyment of your new car.

Test drive

We can organise for cars to come to you

Don't have the time to devote to test drives? We hear ya! Weekends are for sleeping, getting out and about with friends, or ferrying kids to various sporting activities. That's why we've created Georgie. We can organise for your top car choices to be delivered to your home or workplace, so you can try before you buy.


If you have any questions call us on 1300 719 925